Wedgewood Happenings — 09.013.2019

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Saturday, September 14 is the 1st Annual Kathy Noirfalise Memorial Lady Scramble at 9 a.m.  Please let your friends and family know of this event.

Men’s league September 3 had a three-way tie for first place:  Adam Howe, Justin Brown and Jim Perry.  CTP winners were Trent Jones, hole 5 and Jim Perry, hole 7.  Skin winners include Doug Jones, hole 1; Shelby Gray, hole 2 and Justin Brown, holes 3 and 9. September 10 Ray Allen, 1st place and Shelby Gray 2nd place. CTP winners were Ray Allen, hole 2; Justin Brown, hole 5 and Kevin Clary, hole 7.  Skin winners included Jordan Noirfalsie, hole 5 and Trent Jones, hole 8.

Evening league times are now 5:30 p.m. so rounds can be completed before dark. A joy of the evening leagues are the beautiful sunsets viewed at Wedgewood.

Come out and enjoy the beauty and fall golfing weather ahead with a round at Wedgewood.   The nut and fruit trees at Wedgewood are loaded this year.  Pecans, acorns, walnuts and hickory nuts have been dropping for a couple weeks. The crabapples are pretty and the pear tree near the driving range has so much fruit a couple branches broke.   Leaves are turning and beginning to fall around the course.

Fall hours are Tuesday through Friday noon till dusk and Saturday and Sunday 8 a.m. till dusk.   Closed Mondays.  For advance cart reservations, call 417.926.5374.

Wedgewood History Files, September 16, 1968 — Social Evening Held At WWCC.  The first smorgasbord and evening of bingo was held Saturday night and was well attended.  Persons who want to signup for lockers and golf cart storage are urged to make arrangements in the near future with a member of the board.  All greens, tees and fairways are seeded and the course is considered finished except growing time.

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Wedgewood Happenings — 08.30.2019

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Congratulations to Wedgewood members Charlie Blackwell and Randy Emery, lst place Championship Flight in the Cabool Kiwanis Tournament held Saturday, August 24th.  Morning golfers played through the drizzle and afternoon players had great golfing temperatures in the low 70’s.

Men’s league results for August 27th included Chanan Boatright, lst place.   CTP winners were Kevin Clary, hole 2; Doug Jones, hole 5 and Trent Jones, hole 7.  Skin winners included Jeremy Hannaford holes 2 and 8; Doug Jones, hole 4 and Trent Jones, hole 6.  Ladies league played both sessions this week — Monday morning and Wednesday evening — which has been unusual this season due to weather conditions and busy schedules.  Evening league times will be bumped up a bit in order to finish the rounds before dark.  A hint of Fall is in the air with cooler temperatures; leaves, nuts and pinecones are beginning to fall around the course; and flocks of geese are flying north.

Saturday, September 14 is the Kathy Noirfalise Memorial Lady Scramble beginning play at 9:00 a.m.  For additional information and to sign up visit the proshop or call 417.926.5374 or Michelle at 417.259.9444.

The new member fall special is in effect and includes full family membership until April 1, 2021.   The price is $525 for persons not previously a member in the past three years.   To get this deal full payment only and no ACH payment. For additional information visit the Wedgewood pro shop or call 417.926.5374.

Wedgewood History Files, September 9, 1968 — Many attend Wedgewood Country Club dedication with Congressman Richord Ichord of the 8th District gave the dedication address.  Ichord notes that Wedgewood, a fine new recreational facility, is among the first of its kind in the Ozark Foot Hills and initially paves the way for continued improvements to rural area living in the “Top Of The Ozarks” area.  “Cabool and Mtn. Grove are fortunate, indeed, to have this fine new facility in their backyards.  If we are to be a whole and happy people, the serenity of nature should touch our daily and weekly lives.”

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Wedgewood Happenings — 08.23.2019

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Congratulations to Richard Nelson, 1st place, in men’s league August 6th (two weeks in a row) and Jeremy Hannaford, 2nd place.  CTP winners were Kevin Clary, hole 2; Shelby Gray, hole 5 and Adam Howe, hole 7.   Skin winners were Jordan Noirfalise, hole 1 and Trent Jones, hole 9.   August 13 results include Shelby Gray, 1st place.   CTP winners included Trent Jones, holes 2 and 7, and Doug Jones, hole 5.  Skin winners were Shelby Gray, hole 1; Kevin Clary, hole 3 and Doug Jones, hole 5.

The course continues to be green, beautiful and in great shape for early September. With continued rain we should have good grass and a healthy course throughout fall. Kudos to Dave Davis and Chuck Vance!  And all other volunteers that have given of their time and equipment.

The Kathy Noirfalise Memorial 2-Lady Scramble is Saturday, September 14 at 9:00 a.m. Entry fee is $80 a team and mulligans can be purchased.  Rental carts are available.  Flights and prizes based on number of entries (guaranteed 60% payback).  Hole prizes will be awarded.  Lunch and tournament results after completion of tournament.  To sign up call the proshop at 417.926.5374 or Michelle at 417.252.9444.

Wedgewood History Files August 29, 1968 —  Plans have been completed for the open house to be held at WWCC at 2:30 p.m. next Monday.  Congressman Richard Ichord will be the speaker. The fine facilities available through the club will add measurably to both Cabool and Mtn. Grove communities said a spokesman for the board.  It represents a meaningful cooperation between the two communities to better the area, provides for much needed recreation facilities that will help attract industry and help bring in and keep youth in the area.  Facilities include lighted tennis courts, lighted driving range, heated pool, golf course, horseshoes, shuffleboard, playground and picnic area with barbeque pits, clubhouse facilities and snack bar.

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Wedgewood Happenings — 08.15.2019

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Wedgewood Country Club hosted the annual South-Central Cup Matches Saturday and Sunday, August 10-11.   The Wedgewood team placed first with a score of 827, Randel placed second with 842 strokes and Ava third with a score of 858.  Wedgewood members participating included Charlie Blackwell, Dennis Branstetter, Justin Brown, Doug Cook, John Cook, Dave Davis, Jerry Dennis, Randy Emery, Bruce Harris, Dustin Hunter, Kelly Lowe, Jordan Noirfalise, Jeremy Raney and Todd Rose.  Thank you to Ted Noirfalise and Kelly Lowe for organizing the event and Dave Davis for the extra work on the course preparing for the event.

Congratulations to Richard Nelson, first place, in Men’s League Tuesday, July 30th.   Shelby Gray and Channan Boatright tied for 2nd place.  Trent Jones had CTP on hole 2; Doug Jones, hole 5 and Jeremy Raney, hole 7.   Doug Jones had a skin winner on hole 5.

Cabool Kiwanis 2-Person 18-Hole Scramble Tournament is Saturday, August 24 at Wedgewood with tee times at 8:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.   Cost is $80 per team and includes lunch, water and soda. Cash prizes and additional prizes will be awarded. Rental carts are available.  To register contact Heather Goforth at 417.254.1084.

Fall hours at Wedgewood are Tuesday – Friday noon till 7 p.m. and Saturday – Sunday 8 a.m. till 7 p.m. Closed Mondays.  For advance reservations call 417.926.5374.

The first annual Kathy Noirfalise Memorial Tournament will be held Saturday, September 14th at 9 a.m.

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Wedgewood Happenings — 07.31.2019

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Congratulations to Sherri Unger and Wade Williams, Championship winners, of the annual Wedgewood Cat & Dog Tournament held Saturday and Sunday, July 27-28.   Jody Jarrett and Jordan Noirfalise, 2nd place and Carl and Beverly Hicks, 3rd place.   A Flight winners included Jeremy Raney and Linda LeBaron, 1st place; Ted Noirfalise and Carolyn Bunch, 2nd place and Ted Noirfalise and Jody Jarrett, 3rd place.   B Flight winners were Jerry Gibbons and Wendy Willard, 1st place; Doug and Melanie Cook, 2nd place and Doug Jones and Michele Meyers, 3rd place.

CTP winners Saturday were Ted Noirfalise, hole 2/11; Martin Kaps, hole 5/14 and Jody Jarrett, hole 7/16.  Sunday winners included  Doug Cook, hole 2/11; Devin Osborn, hole 5/14 and Jody Jarrett, hole 7/16. Thank you to our CTP 2019 sponsors — Tucker Sandblasting, Cabool; Randy Jarrett Trucking, Cabool; Richard Brothers, Mtn. Grove; MO Gun Company, Cabool and Brown Shoe Store, Houston.

Thank you to everyone that participated in our Wedgewood annual event.  Thank you to Ted, Jody and Michele for running the tournament.  Thank you to Mary Auen for serving lunch and to Cathy Stapp for volunteering in the proshop.

If a Wedgewood member is interested in playing in the cup matches August 10-11, please turn in two scores by August 7th to Ted.



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Wedgewood Happenings — 07.27.2019

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Congratulations to Jackson Raney, 1st place and Jeremy Hannaford, 2nd place in men’s league July 16.  CTP winners were John Cook, holes 2 and 7 and Trent Jones, hole 5.  Trent Jones was the lone skin winner on holes 5 and 6.  On Tuesday, the 23rd Channan Boatright and Jeremy Hannaford tied for 1st place in Men’s League.    CTP winners were John Cook, hole 2; Jeremy Raney, hole 5 and Kevin Clary, hole 7.  Skin winners were Doug Jones, hole 1 and Jeremy Raney, holes 6 and 7.

The  annual South-Central Cup Matches will be held at Wedgewood August 10-11.  Tee times will be determined by the number of entries and the entry fee is $65 per person.  For additional information, contact Ted Noirfalise at 417.254.3121.

Mark your calendar for the Cabool Kiwanis 2-Person 18-Hole Scramble Tournament August 24 at Wedgewood.

The west side cart shed door renovation project is complete. Thanks to Reid Blaker for replacing door jambs and eve trim in preparation for the new doors.  Thanks to all the members for replacing their respective doors.  Channan and Erek Boatright installed all the doors.  If anyone would like to replace a door, the materials are at a discounted rate and the labor is no charge to the club (let a board member know).

In case you missed it, the 148th playing of the Open Championship was held July 18-21st with Shane Lowry winning his first major in his home country of Ireland  with a -15 score (269).  This event is the 4th and final major of the season and was played in northern Ireland at the Royal Port Rush Golf Club.


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Wedgewood Happenings — 07.11.2019

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The Wedgewood annual Cat & Dog 18-hole 2-person scramble tournament will be July 27-28 with tee times both days at 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.  You can play multiple times with different partners.  Entry fee is $90 per team and includes lunch.  Flights and prizes will be based on the number of entries and CTP prizes will be awarded both days. Rental carts are available.  To sign up visit the proshop or call 417.926.5374.

Congratulations to Jim Perry the winner of Men’s League Tuesday, July 2nd.  Closest-to-the pin winners were Kevin Clary, holes 2 and 7, and Jeremy Hannaford, hole 5.  Shelby Gray was the lone skin winner on holes 6 and 9.  Congrautlations to Adam Howe 1st place in Men’s League Tuesday the 29th.   Jackson Raney was the lone CTP winner on hole 7.  Skin winners were Adam Howe, hole 2; Trent Jones, hole 4; Kevin Clary, hole 8 and Jeremy Raney, hole 9.

Things that make us happy about golf.  The smell of fresh cut grass.  A toddler with a plastic club and ball on the practice green.  Pulling into the parking lot and turning off the cell phone from arrival until departure.  Walking up the first fairway just as the sun comes up.  The sound of a made putt rattling around in the cup.  The thump of a well struck bunker blast.  Playing in or just watching a family golf outing.  Curving a shot exactly as we pictured it.  Finding our ball “barely” on the right side of the out of bound area.  Adding up our score and realizing we didn’t play as badly as we thought.  Getting through a round with one ball.  Birdieing the last hole.  Walking up the 18th fairway just as the sun goes down.  Golf Magazine, August 2019

The Wedgewood grounds are in great shape due to the continued rainy season.  Come visit Wedgewood and enjoy the peaceful, beautiful country setting.

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Wedgewood Happenings — 06.27.2019

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Congratulations to John Cook, Charter Wedgewood member, on his 6th career hole-in-one on hole #5 Tuesday, June 25th during men’s league.    Jordan Noirfalise and Jeremy Hannaford, Wedgewood members,  were Johns’ teammates.

Men’s league results for June 11 include CTP winners John Cook holes 2 and 5, and Kevin Clary hole 7.  Skin winners were John Cook hole 2; Jeremy Raney holes 3, 6 and 8; and Kevin Clary hole 9.   Congratulations to the 1st place winner Ray Allen.   John Cook was on a roll Tuesday, June 18 during men’s league with CTP on holes 2 and 7; skin winners on holes 2, 4, 7 and 9 and he placed 1st for the evening.   League results for June 25th were CTP David Walker hole 2; and John Cook holes 5 and 7. Skin winners included Kevin Clary holes 1 and 6; Jim Perry hole 2; John Cook hole 5 (hole-in-one);  and Jordan Noirfalise hole 9.  Congratulations to Kevin Clary 1st place,  and John Cook and Jeremy Hannaford tied for 2nd place.

Ladies league Mondays at 9:30 a.m. and Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m, and the Friday C&D at 6:00 p.m. are playing as schedules and weather permits.   Daily game plays at 1:30 except Mondays.  The next Wedgewood tournament is the annual Cat & Dog 18-hole scramble July 27 and 28.

Wedgwood hours are 8:00 a.m. till 7:00 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday.  Range balls,  rental carts and snacks are available.  Wedgewood accepts debit and credit transactions.

From the Wedgewood history files — July 11, 1968.  An open house will be held between 2 and 6 p.m. Sunday.  Visitors are welcome.  The pool will open Sunday for membership swimming.  The playground equipment is now installed — basketball, bad mitten, volleyball, tennis courts plus a small children’s merry-go-round, swing, slide, animals and others.   A practice driving range will be open and practice balls available.  The pro shop which handles golfing equipment  (clubs, balls, and tees) will open Sunday and continue to be open daily.  Swimming, tennis and golf lessons will be available.

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Wedgewood Happenings — 06.07.2019

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Congratulations to Jerry Moore on his hole-in-one Saturday, June 1st while playing with Kevin Clary, Randy Emery, Jeremy Raney and Clifford Wingo.
Men’s League results for May 28 include CTP winners John Cook, holes 2 and 7 and Ray Allen, hole 5.  Skin winners were John Cook, hole 3 and Doug Jones, hole 4.  Doug Jones and Jeremy Raney tied for 1st place.
Jackie Smith swept the Wednesday evening ladies league. Jackie and Angie Smith payned out Margie and Melanie Cook for 1st place and Jackie had CTP on 2, 5 and 7.
Leagues are in full swing as weather permits — Monday Ladies at 9:30 a.m.; Tuesday Men’s at 6:00 p.m.; Wednesday Ladies at 6 p.m. and Friday Cat & Dog at 6 p.m.  The daily game plays at 1 p.m.
Memorial Day was a busy day at Wedgewood.  Several worked on the grounds — Doug Cook, Dave Davis, Doug Jones and Ted Noirfalise.   We greatly appreciate all the members that have stepped up to help this season!  The Monday Ladies League played with Donna Jones and Vonna Day winning first place.   In the daily afternoon game, 18 played and enjoyed the beautiful day.
The Cabool Education Foundation/Alumni 18-hole 2-person scramble is Saturday, June 15 at 8:30 a.m. at Wedgewood.  The Entry fee is $45 per person and includes lunch.  Rental carts are available. Cash flight prizes and CTP winners will be awarded after the tournament.   During lunch a drawing for hole sponsors and players will be held.   Prizes include a Liberty Centurion  18-gun safe donated by R&S Rare Coins, Cabool; golf certificates to Point Royale, Randle and Oakwood; theater tickets to Six Voices, Branson and a $50 Walmart gift card.   For additional information, call Kirby Holmes at 618.910.1851 or signup in the proshop (417.926.5374).
Summer hours are 8 a.m. till 7 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday.
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Wedgewood Happenings — .05.24.2019

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Wedgewood summer hours starting June 4th are 8 a.m. till 7 p.m Tuesday through Sunday and closed Mondays.   Weekday green fees are 9 holes $11 and 18 holes $16.  Weekends and holiday green fees are 9 holes $15 and 18 holes $18.  Rental carts are available and for advance cart reservations call 417.926.5374.  The proshop has range balls and snacks for purchase and accepts debit/credit transactions.

Leagues are playing as weather permits — Monday Beginner Ladies at 9:30 a.m.; Tuesday Men’s at 6 p.m.; Wednesday Ladies at 6 p.m. and Cat&Dog Fridays at 6 p.m..  The daily game plays at 1 p.m. except Mondays and for more information contact Ted Noirfalise at 417.254.3121 or just show up.

After play on Monday, the ladies league enjoyed lunch at the Ironstone Cottage Tea Room. Tuesdays storms cancelled men’s league May 21st.  Wednesday ladies played on a wet course but  enjoyed the beautiful Wedgewood grounds and evening sunset.   The tulip poplar tree on hole 6 is in full bloom and the mock orange bush on hole 4 is blooming and smells great.  The crabapple trees throughout the course have beautiful foliage now.  The zoysia grass is seeding and the greens are in great shape after recent aeration.  Wedgewood is a beautiful, peaceful, relaxing environment for golfing and visiting.  Amenities include a swimming pool, dining hall, putting green and driving range in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks.

Thank you Randy Emery, Wedgewood member, for mowing the tee boxes.  A big thanks to our 2019 volunteer proshop staff — Bob and Charlotte Cameron, Karla Clark, John Mark Hale, Ron Lemon, Fred Preciado and Steve Raney.

Mark your calendar for the upcoming Cabool Education Foundation/Alumni 2-Person 18-Hole Scramble Tournament Saturday, June 15 at 8:30 a.m.  For more information and to sign up, call or visit the proshop.

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