Wedgewood Happenings — 08.21.2017

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The 2nd Annual Cabool Kiwanis 2-Person Scramble Golf Tournament will be held at Wedgewood Saturday, August 26 with tee times at 8:30 AM and 1:30 PM.  The cost is $80 per team and includes lunch also water and soda will be provided throughout the day.  Winners will receive cash prizes and additional prizes will be awarded.   For additional information contact Jeremy Hannaford at 417.962.3168 or Debbie Lemon at 417.254.4214.  You can sign up by visiting the Wedgewood proshop or calling 417.926.5374.

Men’s League results for August 8 included CTP John Cook, holes 2 and 7, and Harry Linton, hole 5.  Skin winners were John Cook, holes 1 and 7; Brian Fleetwood, hole 2, Adam Howe, hole 3; Harry Linton, holes 5 and 9; and Doug Jones, holes 6 and 8.  Congratulations to Brian Fleetwood, 1st place and John Cook, 2nd place.

Men’s League August 15 winners include CTP Gary Maggard, hole 2; Jordan Noirfalise, hole 5 and Dennis Branstetter, hole 7.   The lone skin winner was Dennis Branstetter winning holes 3, 4 and 7.    Adam Howe won 1st place and Dennis Branstetter, 2nd place.

From Our Files: 50 Years Ago  —  “Work is starting on a new golf course near Dunn.” Houston Herald August 10, 2017

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Wedgewood Happenings — 8.07.2917

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Congratulations to the Friday, July 24th Cat & Dog Championship winners — Harry Linton and Tonya Skyles and 2nd second place John and Margie Cook.   Frank and Freda Proctor won 1st in A-Flight and Marty Todd and Michele McDaniel won 2nd place.   CTP winners were Harry Linton and Michele McDaniel.

Mary Beth Kaps (team of 1) won the Women’s Monday morning 2017 seasons last league session.   Freda Proctor won CTP on holes 2 and 7, and Mary Beth won hole 5.  The ladies enjoyed seeing and photographing the monarch and swallowtail butterflies in the mimosa tree near #6 tee.   The players enjoyed lunch at the Family Pharmacy Soda Fountain located on the Mtn. Grove square.

Congratulations to Kenny Fleetwood, 1st place and Frank Proctor, 2nd place in Men’s League Tuesday, July 25.  CTP winners were Dave Davis, holes 2 and 5; and Dennis Branstetter, hole 7.  Skin winners included Adam Howe, hole 1; Jeremy Raney, hole 6 and Doug Cook, hole 8.    Men’s League results August 1 included CTP winners Trent Jones, hole 2; Brian Fleetwood, hole 5 and John Cook, hole 7.  Skin winners were Jeremy Raney, holes 5 and 7 and Doug Jones, hole 6.   Brian Fleetwood and Frank Proctor tied for 1st place.

Congratulations to Mary Auen and Michele McDaniel winners of the Wednesday evening women’s league August 2.   Mary Auen had CTP on hole 5 and holes 2 and 7 will be a carryover.   This league plans to play through fall as long as we have golfers.

“In Golf, as in Life, it is the follow through that makes a difference.”   Dr. Seuss

“The first thing golf teaches is humility, the second, empathy; and the third, patience.”  Kris E Wilson, The Littlest Golfer, Inc.

“Practice like you’ve never won; Perform like you’ve never lost.  THINQ Golf




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Wedgewood Happenings — 07.31.2017

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The anuual Wedgewood Cat & Dog Tournament was played Saturday and Sunday, July 29 and 30.   Congratulations to the following Championship Flight winners Michele McDaniel and Jordan Slayton; 2nd place Michele McDaniel and Kevin Osborne; and 3rd place Roger and Denna Tune.   A-Flight winners were Doug and Melanie Cook; 2nd place Charlie and Gala Blackwell; and  3rd place Charlie Blackwell and Diana Harris.  B-Flight winners included Brian Fleetwood and Linda Benyo; 2nd place Jeremy and Amber Raney; and  3rd place Sam and Carrie Piefer.  C-Flight winners were Richard and Julie Lenardson; 2nd place Kevin and Mary Armstrong; and 3rd place John and Margie Cook.    Mary Beth and Martin Kaps received Consolation Prize. Both days were perfect for golfing with beautiful summer weather  — cool temperatures and light breezes.

Saturday C&D Tournament CTP winners were  hole 2 Amber Raney and Danny Landsdown;  and holes 5 and 7 Jona Hull and Leroy Trone.   Sunday CTP winners included hole 2  Carolyn Bunch and Jerry Armstrong; hole 5  Michele McDaniel and Charlie Blackwell and hole 7 Michele McDaniel and Harry Linton.  The following Wedgewood sign sponsors provided the hole prize money —  Cabool Drug and Dime, Cabool Lease Inc., Cabool Medical Clinic, Cabool Tires Inc., Dr. Jim Perry, OD, El Imperial Mexican Restaurant, Elite Aire,  Jack McGownd Auto Sales, L&R Industries, Peoples Community Bank, Pryor Family Dental, and Stilley Electric.

Other prize winners on Saturday included Closest 2nd Shot on hole 3 Jody Jarrett and Doug Jones; and Longest Putt on hole 9 Leroy Trone 19 feet 4 inches and Melissa Abney 9 feet 8 inches.   Sunday winners were Closest 2nd Shot on hole 3 Michele McDaniel and Roger Tune, and Longest Putt on hole 9 was Jordan Noirfalise, 19 feet 2 inches and Tonya Skyles, 10 feet 8 inches.  The following businesses provided prizes for the above winners — Cabool Florist, Cabool Subway, Cranberry Merchant, Cozumel Mexican Restaurant, Curtis Department Stores, Fun City Mtn. Grove, Malisha’s Sunflowers to Spurs, Midway Sports Bar and Grill, O’Reillys Cabool and Mtn. Grove, and Time For You Massage.

This seasons last official Monday Women’s League will play Monday, July 31.  The ladies will continue to play as schedules permit.   Wednesday Women’s league had light numbers this week but this league will continue to play until fall.  Congratulations to the following CTP winners — Mary Beth Kaps, hole 2 and Michelle McDaniel, hole 7.

10 Rules for Good Golf Etiquette, Arnold Palmer, Golf Digest 07.027.2008


6.  Make your golf cart ‘invisible’ — Leave no trace you were there.  Avoid wet areas and spots heavily traveled. Golfers tend to play “follow the leader” and drive in single file.  It is usually better to scatter — everyone takes a different route — so cart traffic is spread out.

7.  Always look your best — Your appearance speaks volumes and a neatly dressed golfer gives the impression he/she thinks the golf course and people there are special.

8.  Turn off your cell phone — Silence your phone and if you have to make or take a call, move away from the other players and keep it brief.

9.  Lend a hand when you can — It is easy to help out your fellow players:  look for lost balls, watch errant shots, pick up that extra club left on the fringe or the headcover dropped next to the tee, and return it to its owner after saying, “Nice shot”.

10. Learn the little things — There are a hundred bits of etiquette not mentioned, like laying the flagstick down carefully, tamping down spike marks, letting faster groups play through, and so on.  Golf has a way of returning favors and every piece of etiquette you practice will be repaid tenfold.

Mark your calendar for the next Wedgwood events:  Community Foundation of the Ozarks Tournament, Saturday August 12 and Cabool Kiwanis Tournament, August 26.

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Wedgewood Happenings — 07.24.2017

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The annual Wedgewood Cat & Dog Tournament is this weekend (Saturday and Sunday, July 29-30).  Flights and prizes will be based on number of entries.   CTP  cash hole prizes were made possible by our sign sponsors and other hole prizes have been donated by local businesses.  Tee times are available both Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.  and lunch will be served both days between sessions.  To sign up and choose your starting hole visit the proshop or call 417.926.5374.

Monday, July 17 Women’s League results include 1st place Mary Auen and Donna Jones and 2nd place Alicia Biffle and Mary Beth Kaps.  Donna Jones had CTP on hole 5, and holes 2 and 7 will be carryovers.  Jody Jarrett and Michelle McDaniel swept the Wednesday evening Women’s League.  They won first place; Michelle had CTP on holes 5 and 2 and Jody had CTP on hole 7.

Adam Howe won first place in Tuesday Men’s League and Doug Jones won second place.  CTP winners were Adam Howe, holes 2 and 7, and Jeremy Raney, Hole 5.  Skin winners were Adam Howe, hole 2 and Doug Jones, hole 9.

Friday evening Cat & Dog had only a few teams participating and players enjoyed a surprise visit from Ted and Kathy Noirfalise.  Everyone was thrilled to see Kathy out and about.  The evening was lovely with a wonderful breeze and there is a lot of shade around the course to enjoy on warm summer evenings.

10 Rules for Good Golf Etiquette — Arnold Palmer, Golf Digest, 07.27.2008

  1.  Don’t be the slowest player — Play “ready golf” (hit when ready, even if you aren’t away) until you reach the green, be prepared to play when it’s your turn and never search for a lost ball for more than 5 minutes. Encourage everyone to move quickly enough so you are “keeping up with” the group in front of you.
  2. Keep your temper under control — We all have our moments of frustration, but the trick is to vent in an inoffensive way.  I often follow a bad hole by hitting the next tee shot a little harder — for better or worse.
  3.  Respect other people’s time — Always make your tee times and show up for your lesson with the pro a little early.  Social functions are no exception.
  4. Repair the ground you play on — Fix ball marks, replace divots and rake bunkers (make the area nice and smooth).
  5. Be a silent partner — Stand still from the time a player sets himself/herself until the ball has left the club.  Never walk in someone’s line of play.  The first thing to note when you walk onto a green is the location of every ball in your group, then steer clear of their lines to the hole.  For example, position yourself directly across or at a diagonal from a player setting up.  Never stand on the line of play, either beyond the hole or directly behind the ball.

–to be continued–



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Wedgewood Happenings — 07.17.2017

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A Lady Panther Volleyball Fundraiser 4-Person Scramble Tournament will be held Saturday, July 22nd at 8:00 a.m. at Wedgewood.  For more information call Amy McNew, Volleyball Coach, at 417.260.0695.

The next Wedgewood event will be the annual Cat & Dog Tournament July 29-30.  Tee times are available both days at 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM and you choose your starting hole.   You can play multiple times with a different partner.  Hole prizes both days for men and women, and prizes and flights will be based on the number of entries.  Cost is $80 per team and includes lunch.  Carts are available for rent and mulligans will be available.  Sign up in the proshop or call 417.926.5374 for more information.

Wednesday evening Women’s League results for July 13 includes first place winners Michelle McDaniel and Jody Jarrett, and second place Donna Jones (team of 1).   Michelle had CTP on hole 2; Mary Auen, hole 5 and Margie Cook, hole 7.

Men’s League results for July 11 includes CTP Justin Brown, hole 2; Trent Jones, hole 5 and John Cook, hole 7.  Skin winners were Justin Brown, hole 2; Shelby Gray, hole 4 and Trent Jones, holes 5 and 7.   First-place winner Trent Jones and second place Brian Fleetwood.

Friday Cat & Dog winners were 1st place John and Margie Cook and 2nd place Jordan Noirfalise and Jody Jarrett.  A-Flight 1st place Justin Brown and Cameron Kuhn and 2nd place Doug and Donna Jones.  CTP winners were women’s Tonya Skyles and men’s Harry Linton.

Mark your calendar for Wedgewood upcoming events:  CFO Tournament August 12th and the Cabool Kiwanis Tournament August 26th.

“When I am on the golf course, I’m on the right course.” Golf Sayings

“Sometimes being with your friends and golfing is all the therapy you need.”

“Mistakes are part of the game.  It’s how well you recover from them that’s the mark of a great player.” Alice Cooper, Singer/Songwriter



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Wedgewood Happenings — 07.10.2017

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Congratulations to the winners in the Wedgewood 1-Person 18-Hole Scramble held Saturday, July 8.   Champion Flight  winners were  Marty Stigall, 1st place; Ron Wallace, 2nd place and  Jordain Noirfalise, 3rd place.   A-Flight winners were Dustin Hunter, 1st place; Brad Clevenhagen, 2nd place and Kevin Osborn, 3rd place.   B-Flight — Shelby Gray, 1st place; John Cook, 2nd place and Ryan Potts, 3rd place.  C-Flight — Kevin Clark, 1st place; Danny Landsdown, 2nd place and Steve Hawkins, 3rd place.  D-Flight — Adam Howe, 1st place; Michelle McDaniel, 2nd place and Jona Hull, 3rd place.   A big thank you to our tournament helpers:  Kevin Clary, John Cook, Brian Fleetwood, Adam Howe, Jody Jarrett, Trent Jones, Ted Noirfalsie, Freda Proctor and Gale Wright.

The $1000 cash shoot out winners were Jordain Noirfalise, 1st place; John Daniels, 2nd place and Jordan Slayton, 3rd place.  Thank you to our Cash Shoot Out sponsors — CHC Home Center, Cabool Lease Inc.,  Community First, Cabool Dairy Queen, Crowley’s Home Works, Landmark Bank,  Legacy Bank and Trust, Missouri Gun CO, LLC, Peoples Community Bank,  ReMax Farm and Home (Mike and Julie Thompson), River Rock Redi-Mix, Subway — Mtn Grove, Wher Ford and RV Mtn. Grove and WDT — Western Dairy Transport, LLC.

Wedgewood members helped John Cook, Charter Member, celebrate his WW golden birthday, June 26th (John will be moving up and playing from the gold tees).  John shared with attendees that charter members paid dues in 1968 but the course did not open until 69.  In the beginning, WW was a private club so only members and guests of members could participate.   John remembers there was lots of picking rocks; players carried buckets and picked rocks as they golfed.   Wedgewood’s peak membership was during the late 80’s  with 110-120 members.

Women’s League winners June 26th were Mary Auen and Mary Beth Kaps. Mary Beth also had CTP on hole 7.    June 28th Women’s League was a tie between the team of Margie and Melanie Cook and the team of Mary Auen, Mary Beth Kaps and Freda Proctor.  Margie had CTP on holes 5 and 7.

Men’s League June 27 CTP winners were Frank Proctor, hole 2;  Kenny Fleetwood, hole 5 and Dr. Steve Hawkins, hole 7.  Skin winners include Dennis Branstetter, hole 1; John Cook, hole 2; Trent Jones, hole 3 and Kenny Fleetwood, hole 4.   Congratulations to Kenny Fleetwood, 1st place and Trent Jones, 2nd place.

On a rainy 4th of July morning members trimmed trees and stacked brush to assist with mowing under the trees.  Kelly Lowe, new board member, mowed 5 1/2 hours on July 3rd and returned on the 4th to mow near the club house and assisted with tree trimming along with Jerry Dennis, Dustin Hunter and Ted Noirfalise.   We can’t thank these guys enough for all their help.

“The harder you work, the luckier you get.” Gary Player, Professional Golfer



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Wedgewood Happenings — 06.26.2017

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Congratulations to the winners of the Wedgewood 2-Person Scramble held Saturday, June 24th.  Championship Flight Tune-Shelton, 1st Place; Blackwell-Emery, 2nd Place and Linton-Procter, 3rd Place.  A-Flight winners include T Jones-Gray, 1st Place; Hoesketra-Jackson, 2nd Place and Linton-Harker, 3rd Place.  B-Flight winners were Noirfalise-Fleetwood, 1st Place; Friend-Harker, 2nd Place and D Jones-Fleetwood, 3rd Place.   Hole prize winners include Eric Bennett, longest drive on hole 1 sponsored by Steve Hawkins, WW Board  President; Danny Landsdown, straightest drive hole 4 sponsored by Doug Jones, WW Board Member and Leroy Trone, closest to the curve hole 8 sponsored by Ted Noirfalise and Jody Jarrett, WW Board Members.

A special thank you to our Wedgewood course information sign sponsors — Cabool Drug and Dime, Cabool Medical Clinic, Cabool Lease, Inc., Cabool Tires Inc., Dr. Jim Perry, O.D., El Imperial Mexican Resturant, Elite Aire, LLC., Jack McGowan Motors, L&R Industries, Pryor Family Dental LLC., Landmark Bank and Stilley Electric LLC.

Women’s League Monday, June 19 enjoyed a lovely golfing morning–temperatures in the 70’s, slightly overcast, beautiful and interesting fluffy cloud sky.   The ladies have been enjoying lunch out after the game.  Feel free to join us Mondays at 9:30 A.M.

Men’s League results for Tuesday, June 20th include CTP  Jim Perry, hole 2; Doug Jones, hole 5 and Trent Jones, hole 7.  Skin winners were Shelby Gray, hole5; Doug Jones, hole 6; John Cook, hole 8 and Dr. Steve Hawkins, hole 9.   Doug Jones was the 1st place winner and Frank Proctor was 2nd place.

Congratulations to Margie and Melanie Cook 1st place team in Wednesday evening women’s league.   Margie and Melanie are on a roll (winners 3 weeks in a row)!  Donna Jones had CTP on holes 2 and 5,  and Margie Cook had CTP on hole 7.

Friday Cat & Dog winners were A-Flight Margie and John Cook and B Flight Freda and Frank Proctor.  Women’s CTP was Margie Cook and the men’s CTP will be a carryover.   The Wedgewood grounds is a beautiful setting with another gorgeous Friday evening sunset — the pine trees against the setting sun looked like a painting.

A family of skunks is residing at Wedgewood.  They were on 9 green Wednesday evening and traveling south across the driving range Friday evening.  Hope they don’t visit anyone’s cart shed.

“A bad attitude is worse than a bad golf swing.” Payne Stewart, Springfield, MO Pro Golfer, 1957-1999

May my swing be straight and the ball fly far.  May my round be blessed with no worse than par.  — An Irish Golf Prayer

May the course be with you.

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Wedgewood Happenings — 06.19.2017

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Plan to play in the Wedgewood 2-Person 18-Hole Scramble this Saturday, June 24th.  Tee times are 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM and the cost is $45 per person which includes lunch ($90 per team).  Senior tees for 60-, 70- and 80-year olds. Carts are available for rent.   Flights will be determined by number of participants with a guaranteed 60% cash payout.  Cash sponsor prizes will include longest drive, straightest drive and closest to the curve.  Sign up in the pro shop or call 417.926.5374.

Lori Hyde is the Wedgewood volunteer of the week.  She is using her exceptional experience and knowledge of pool care at the Wedgewood swimming pool and it shows.  The pool looks great!  Lori has worked for her parents at Larry’s Pool and Supply since 1987.  During the school year, she is a librarian at Mtn Grove High School and the MGHS head softball coach. Lori plans to play in the women’s league as her coaching and umpiring schedules allow.

Men’s League results for June 6 include CTP Monte Housley, hole 2 and Frank Proctor, hole 7.  Skin winners were Trent Jones, hole 1 and Doug Jones, hole 6.  Congratulations to Frank Proctor 1st place, and Trent Jones and Monte Housley tied for 2nd place.

Monday women’s league June 12th winners were 1st place team Alicia Biffle, Donna Jones and Freda Proctor.  Freda had CTP on hole 2 and Donna had CTP on hole 7.

Kenny Fleetwood cleaned up during Men’s League June 13th winning 1st place, CTP on hole 5 and winning skins on holes 5 and 8. Way to go Kenny!  Chase Jones won 2nd place. Doug Jones won CTP on hole 2 and Duane Duke won CTP on hole 7.  Trent Jones won a skin on hole 1.

Wednesday women’s league June 14th results include 1st place Margie and Melanie Cook.  Melanie is amazing to me because she plays her entire game with irons.  Melanie had CTP and a MOP (my own par) on hole 5.

Cat & Dog results for June 16th include A Flight Jody Jarrett and Jordain Noirfalise, 1st place and Donna and Doug Jones, 2nd place.  B Flight Pam Griffin and Kevin Clark, 1st place and Freda and Frank Proctor, 2nd place.   CTP winners were Jordain Noirfalise, hole 2 and Donna Jones, hole 5.

Evening golfers at Wedgewood are enjoying some beautiful sunsets.

Brian Fleetwood, Wedgewood member, built and donated an on-course restroom facility.  Materials were donated by Scott and Sandy Fleetwood of Cooper Lumber Co. Ava, MO.  Doug Jones assisted with assembling the facility on site.

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Wedgewood Happenings — 6.12.2017

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This week is the 117th playing of the U.S. Open Championship.  The U.S. Open is considered one of the outstanding worldwide golf events and play will begin Thursday, June 15th and conclude Sunday, June 18.  This event will be broadcast on FOX.

Congratulations to the winners of Wednesday evening women’s league — Margie and Melanie Cook.  CTP winners were Margie Cook, hole 5 and Donna Jones, hole 7.   Hole 2 will be a carry over.   Monday morning women’s league and the Friday C&D league had light attendance this week and participants played for fun.   Tuesday men’s league results were unavailable at press time.

To sign up for the upcoming Wedgewood 18-Hole 2-Person Scramble Tournament to be held June 24th visit the pro shop or call 417.926.5374.  Tee times are available for both sessions — 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM.

Hope everyone has a great Father’s Day weekend!


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Wedgewood Happenings — 06.05.17

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The mock orange bush has been beautiful this spring but the pretty white flowers are fading. This huge bush is located near hole 4 green and gets its name because the flowers look and smell like orange blossoms.   A killdeer is nesting on the ground near the Wedgewood drive.  If you get near the nest, the pair begin luring you away by shrilling loudly and acting injured by faking a broken wing.

Check out the Wedgewood review and photos at   The Missouri Golf Tour website has been updated and gives reviews of local courses.

Men’s League results for May 30th include CTP winner Frank Proctor on hole 5.  Skin winners were Shelby Gray, hole 1; Dusty Schober, hole 2; John Cook, hole 6 and Doug Jones, hole 9.  Chase Jones and Frank Proctor tied for 1st place.

Wednesday Women’s league first-place winners were Jody Jarrett and Donna Jones, and second-place winners were Margie and Melanie Cook.  Mary Kaps had CTP on holes 2 and 7, and Jody Jarrett had CTP on Hole 5.   During Monday Women’s League Mary Auen had a MOB (my own birdie) on Hole 7  and Mary Kaps had CTP on Hole 2.

Friday Cat & Dog winners were 1st place John and Margie Cook and 2nd place was Kevin Clark and Pam Griffin.   Doug Jones had CTP on hole 5 and the women’s CTP will carryover.

Plan to play in the Wedgewood 18-Hole 2-Person Scramble June 24.  Tee times available at 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM.  Senior tees for 60, 70 and 80 year olds.  The cost is $45 per person ($90 per team) and includes lunch.  Play more than once with a different partner. Flights and prizes will be determined by the number of participants but guaranteed 60% cash payout.   Carts are available for rent and mulligans will be available.  Cash sponsor prizes for longest drive, straightest drive and closest to the curve.   Sign up in the pro shop or call 417.926.5374.

Tiffany Brill, Wedgewood member, is planning a Wedgewood junior golf league.   Sessions should start in a couple weeks.   Watch the Wedgewood Happenings for details.


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