Wedgewood Happenings — 04.17.2017

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Mark your calendar for the upcoming Wedgewood 1-Person 18-Hole Scramble Tournament and $1000 Shoot Out Game May 6 with tee times at 8:30 and 1:30.   The Shoot Out game will follow the completion of the tournament.  Sign up in the pro shop or call 417.926.5374.

Wedgewood is looking for a couple more volunteers to work in the pro shop.   Wedgewood welcomes the Proctor’s as volunteers.  Frank has played golf since he was young and got Freda interested in golfing when he needed a Cat & Dog partner.  With encouragement from Freda’s uncles and aunts she learned the wonderful game — golf.  They have been Wedgewood members for the past 8 years along with their son so they have enjoyed watching the grandchildren swim and also playing golf.   As new volunteers at the pro shop, they enjoy meeting and seeing everyone.   The Proctor’s want to play like pros but instead enjoy the day hunting the ball.

Wedgewood is offering corporate memberships for the 2017 season and the new member family discount is available.  Children under 12 can play for free after 5:00 p.m. under the supervision of a member or and adult paid green fee.  As always you are invited to play in the daily big game at 1:00 p.m.

I hope everyone is getting outside and enjoying the beautiful spring weather.   The dogwoods and columbine are flowering, and the May apples are plentiful around the course.  Oak and hickory trees are blooming and producing a lot of pollen.  The wild turkeys are gobbling and the whip-poor-wills should begin to call.   More birds should be returning to our area including chimney swifts, indigo buntings and dickcissels.  I know some of the members have been fishing and enjoying white bass.

Happy Golfing!




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Wedgewood Happenings — 04.03.2017

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The Wedgewood Proshop opened Saturday, April 1st.  The proshop will be operated by members and volunteers and Gale Wright will lead the group.  Gale has proshop experience and recently moved to the area from Savannah, MO. Please stop by and say hello to the volunteers. The proshop schedule is being finalized and should be open every day except Mondays. If anyone is interested in volunteering in the proshop, please leave a message at 417.962.5374.  Snacks are available for purchase and Wedgewood accepts credit and debit payments for transactions.

Rainy and windy weather cancelled the CHS golf tournament Thursday, March 30.  The course is looking good and the new grass areas are greening. The flowering crabapples and redbuds are in bloom. Holes 2 and 5 have lots of wildflowers including wild violets and spring beauties. May apples are growing in the woods around the course which according to my mother means it is time for morel mushrooms. Cardinals and robins are plentiful at Wedgewood and during April other birds will arrive including wrens (which like to nest in the cart sheds), hummingbirds and baltimore orioles. Watch for large birds migrating through Missouri — ospreys and white pelicans.

A big thank you to the volunteers that assisted with the grounds and clubhouse cleanup on March 28th.  Mike Austin, Kevin Clary, Brian and Marcy Fleetwood, Steve Hawkins, Doug, Donna and Chase Jones, Jody Jarrett, Mary Beth Kaps, Jim Perry,  Frank and Freda Proctor, Jeremy Raney and Jim Reaves.   Also Mike “Sparky” Medwid assisted earlier in the week.

Wedgewood is offering new membership discounts and corporate memberships.  For additional information, call the proshop at 417.926.5374.   Children under 12 can play for free with an adult member or paid green fee player after 5 p.m.

Mark your calendar for the first Wedgewood tournament to be held Saturday, May 6th.  It is a one-person scramble and a $1000 shoot out game following the completion of the tournament.

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Wedgewood Happenings — 10.14.2016

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Congratulations to the team of Keeling/Jones winners of the night golf event Friday, November 11.  Howe/Jarrett placed second and D Jones/D Jones placed third.   The next Wedgewood night golf event will be Friday, November 18 at 6:00 p.m.   Non members can play for $5. league fees.  We are also planning to play Friday, November 25th if there is interest.  Come join us for an evening of night golf (weather permitting).   

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Wedgewood Happenings — 10.31.2016

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Fall leaves are falling fast but it is beautiful golfing weather — perfect temperatures, nice sunshine but a little breezy some days. Question: How long should you spend clearing leaves from a green to hit a putt? Anwer: You may take as long as you need provided you don’t unduly delay play. Please be mindful of the group behind you.  Golf Digest , Nov 2016

Wedgewood hosted a twilight golf event Friday, October 28 at 6:30 p.m. The sunset was beautiful and the temperature was low 70’s and upper 60’s making for a fantasitc evening of golf. John and Margie Cook won 1st place; Kevin Clary and Jody Jarrett placed 2nd and Adam Howe and Todd Ferguson placed 3rd. The next evening golf event will be Friday, November 11 at 6:00 p.m. Come join us for a fun, relaxing game of glo golf. 

The clubhouse will close for the season Monday, October 31 but the course will continue to be open daily and will operate on the honor system for green fees.  Green fee golfers are asked to use the mail slot at the proshop door.  

Scott requests golf carts be kept off the Bermuda fairways to help prevent winter kill and thanks in advance to all that respect the request.   Preparation for the 2017 season will begin now.  You can submit your ideas and suggestions at    

I hope you have lots of great golfing days throughout the fall, winter and spring.

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Wedgewood Happenings — 10.24.2016

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The annual Fall Wedgewood members meeting was held Saturday, October 22nd.  Financial statements were shared with members and incumbent board members were reinstated for another 3-year term.   Saturday evening was good weather for golfing and the winners of the putting contest were first place, Adam and Allison Howe; second place, Jim Jackson and Martin Kaps; and consolation place, Marcy Fleetwood and Jody Jarrett.  The winners of the glo-golf game included first place Jeremy and Amber Raney and second place Jody Jarrett and Jerry Moore.  Thank you Cabool Subway and Mtn. Grove McDonalds for providing coupon prizes.  

Members enjoyed the night golf and plan another twilight event Friday, October 28 at 6:30 p.m. Non-members can play for $5 per team. If you have a night golf ball please bring it but members will have glo balls to share. 

The fall membership special is in effect and for additional information call the pro shop at 417.926.5374.  The proshop, clubhouse and restrooms will close for the season Monday, October 31 and will reopen April 1st, 2017.  

Come out and enjoy a game of night golf this Friday, October 28 at 6:30 p.m. 

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Wedgewood Happenings — 10.17.2016

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Saturday, October 22 will be the annual fall Wedgewood members meeting at 6:00 p.m. Activities include a putting contest, dinner, business meeting, election of board members and glo-golf game. 

Another beautiful week of fall golfing weather and the grounds continue to be green and pretty. I hope everyone can enjoy the course before the grass goes dormant and the leaves cover the ground. The nut trees at Wedgewood are loaded this year the walnuts are gigantic, the pecans are bountiful, acorns and hickory nuts but the most interesting is the chestnut tree on Hole 6. The fruit or meat of the chestnut is inside a prickly, spiny burr that splits open before or after falling from the tree. Inside this burr is a hard outer shell then an inner skin and next the fruit or meat — from the holiday song “chestnuts roasting on an open fire”.  Scott Elliott, Grounds Superintendent, estimates the chestnut tree to be around 30 years old.   Would any members like to share information about the wonderful, old trees at Wedgewood?  

The new member fall special includes full family membership through April 1st 2018.  Golf is an outdoor sport the whole family can enjoy.  For additional information, call the proshop at 926.5374.  Some leagues are continuing to play for fun but are starting evening play earlier due to the shorter days and the big game continues to play daily at 1:00 p.m. except Mondays. Come to Wedgewood and join the fun!  


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Wedgewood Happenings — 10.10.2016

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Beautiful fall weather for golfing — some days are summer like and some evenings are very fallish.  The annual fall members meeting will be held at 6:00 p.m. Saturday, October 22.  All members are welcome and encouraged to attend.  A putting contest will be played at 6 o’clock followed by dinner (provided by the board members).  At dark, a fun glo golf game is planned. 

The new member fall special is in effect.  This special includes full family membership through April 1st 2018.  For additional information, contact the proshop at 926.5374. 

The pro shop will be open till the end of October.  This beautiful October weather is perfect for playing golf and the course is in great shape.  See you at Wedgewood!

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Wedgewood Happenings — 08.05.2016

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Happy Labor Day!  As the days shorten, league play times will need to be adjusted.  A big thank you to the members that reported league results for the 2016 season: Mary Beth Kaps, Monday Women’s League; Jeremy Raney, Tuesday Men’s League; Jody Jarrett, Wednesday Women’s League and Ted Noirfalise, Friday Cat & Dog League. 

Tuesday Men’s League results for August 29th include closest-to-the pin winners Alan Keeling, hole 2; Anthony Crisp, hole 5 and Doug Jones, hole 7. Skin winners were Dennis Branstetter, holes 1 and 6, and Anthony Crisp, hole 5. Congratulations to Austin Baker, lst place and Dennis Branstetter and Doug Jones, 2nd place. 

Friday, Septemer 2 Cat & Dog League results were 1st place Championship Flight Jody Jarrett and Jordan Noirfalise and 1st place A-Flight Freda and Frank Proctor. Jordan Noirfalise won the closest-to-the pin on hole 7 and the women’s closest-to-the pin will be a carryover (a 3-week carryover). 

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Wedgewood Happenings — 08.29.2016

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Men’s League results for August 23rd include closest-to-the pin winners hole 2, Justin Brown; hole 5, Dennis Branstetter and hole 7, Alan Keeling. Skin winners were hole 4, Doug Jones; hole 5, Dennis Branstetter and hole 9, Dave Davis. Congratulations to John Cook, Doug Jones, Trent Jones and Jordan Noirfalise all finishing in first place. 

Friday evening Cat & Dog winners were 1st place Championship Jody Jarrett and Jordan Noirfalise, and 1st place A-Flight Marcy and Brian Fleetwood. The closest-to-the pins will be carryovers — one week carryover for the women and a two week carryover for the men. Bring a partner and participate in the Cat & Dog Friday, September 1st at 6:00 p.m. 

The Wedgewood course is beautiful for the last few weeks of summer.  The swimming pool experienced some algae issues last week but should be cleared up for Labor Day weekend.

Several of the Wedgewood Proshop staff will be gone during September so if any members can volunteer in any capacity please contact Jim at 417.349.1670.


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Wedgewood Happenings — 08.22.2016

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August has been a busy month at Wedgewood including hosting two tournaments the 4th Annual Community Foundation of the Ozarks Mountain Grove Chapter Golf Tournament last Saturday, August 20th and the Cabool Kiwanis Golf Tournament on August 13th.  The Wedgewood swimming pool has also been busy as well as the 2016 league season (weather permitting).   Several new members joined during August taking advantage of the fall membership special which consists of membership through 2017. 

Congratulations to Shelby Gray the first place winner during men’s league August 9th.  Austin Baker and Trent Jones tied for second place.  Closest-to-the pin winners were Dennis Branstetter, hole 2 and Jordan Noirfalise, hole 7.    Skin winners were Dave Davis, hole 1; Shelby Gray, holes 3 and 9; and Justin Brown, hole 6.     Trent Jones won first place during men’s league play August 16th and Dave Davis, Dr. Steve Hawkins and John Cook all tied for second place.   Dennis Branstetter had closest-to-the pin on hole 2, Trent Jones, hole 5 and Dr. Hawkins, hole 7.   Skin winners were Dennis Branstetter, hole 2; Corey Clark, hole 4; Dave Davis, hole 8 and Shelby Gray, hole 9. 

Wedgewood members have just a few weeks to enjoy the swimming pool as the 2016 pool season winds down.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! 



Wedgewood members can enjoy the swimming pool a few more weeks as the 2016 swim season winds down.   For Wedgewood information, call the proshop at 417.926.5374.

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