Wedgewood Happenings — 05.14.2020

The golf course is open daily and is in great shape other than a few wet spots. The Wedgewood proshop will be open Fridays noon till 7 p.m.; Saturdays 8 a.m. till 7 p.m. and Sundays noon till 7 p.m.  The course will operate all other times on the honor system.  Prices and instructions are posted at the East proshop door.

Wedgewood welcomes new members the Kody and Kayla Johnson Family, and  the Randy and Ashley Garner Family.

Happy 90th birthday to Wedgewood member Clifford Wingo (May 4th).  Clifford started golfing at age 39.  He is self taught and never had a lesson. He said, “This is why I do some things I do.”  Clifford beats his age almost every round he plays.  Today, May 10th, he shot a 76.  His best Wedgewood score is 64.  He has a career record of 9 hole-in-ones (8 at Wedgewood and 1 at Randal). May 18, 2019 was his last hole-in-one and in July of 2017, he had three hole-in-ones during the month.  Clifford remembers playing at Wedgewood Country Club in 1970 when the fairways were fescue and dirt (hay fields).  Clifford won the Wedgewood 1985 Club Championship in bracket play which means he won several rounds to advance and win the championship.  He has Wedgewood trophies for senior and super senior club championships.  He was playing with Marty Stigal August 1996 when Marty shot the course record of 61.  Clifford keeps signed score cards and golf balls. He said “Golf is good rounds and bad rounds and that is what I like.”  Clifford plays in the daily game during summers and he travels from Mansfield to Wedgewood to golf.

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