Wedgewood Happenings — 04.21.2020

Due to the latest Missouri Stay In Place Order, the upcoming May 2nd tournament is cancelled.   When playing, please continue to practice staying safe — social distancing; not touching flagsticks, others golf ball, racks, etc; no cart sharing unless it is a family member and sanitize your hands, clubs and carts often.

Greens are looking awesome.  They have been aerated and verticut.  Thank Dave and Chuck when you see them for all their hard work.   Please repair divots in the fairways and ball marks on the greens.  Repair yours and one more.  Thank you!

Wedgewood is in need of proshop workers.  If you know someone that would be interested in working for membership, let a board member know.

Thank goodness for Wedgewood during this trying time.  It is wonderful to have an outdoor area to enjoy while still being able to practice safe procedures.

From the Wedgewood History Files July 25, 1968 — Beginner swim lessons for members started this week and will continue for the next two weeks.  The swimming pool heater is now installed with many people enjoying the use of the pool, playground and picnic facilities.  Golf and tennis lessons also started this week.   The golf course work is continuing with the Bermuda grass coming in well on the tees and the greens to be finished with the planting of bentgrass at the best time in August.  Families interested in joining the club are asked to see one of the board members as a few memberships are available at this time.  Initiation fee $100 with annual dues $100.  Stock Car Races Cabool Speedway Every Friday Night Admission $1.00 – 50 cents.

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