Wedgewood Happenings — 07.24.2017

The annual Wedgewood Cat & Dog Tournament is this weekend (Saturday and Sunday, July 29-30).  Flights and prizes will be based on number of entries.   CTP  cash hole prizes were made possible by our sign sponsors and other hole prizes have been donated by local businesses.  Tee times are available both Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.  and lunch will be served both days between sessions.  To sign up and choose your starting hole visit the proshop or call 417.926.5374.

Monday, July 17 Women’s League results include 1st place Mary Auen and Donna Jones and 2nd place Alicia Biffle and Mary Beth Kaps.  Donna Jones had CTP on hole 5, and holes 2 and 7 will be carryovers.  Jody Jarrett and Michelle McDaniel swept the Wednesday evening Women’s League.  They won first place; Michelle had CTP on holes 5 and 2 and Jody had CTP on hole 7.

Adam Howe won first place in Tuesday Men’s League and Doug Jones won second place.  CTP winners were Adam Howe, holes 2 and 7, and Jeremy Raney, Hole 5.  Skin winners were Adam Howe, hole 2 and Doug Jones, hole 9.

Friday evening Cat & Dog had only a few teams participating and players enjoyed a surprise visit from Ted and Kathy Noirfalise.  Everyone was thrilled to see Kathy out and about.  The evening was lovely with a wonderful breeze and there is a lot of shade around the course to enjoy on warm summer evenings.

10 Rules for Good Golf Etiquette — Arnold Palmer, Golf Digest, 07.27.2008

  1.  Don’t be the slowest player — Play “ready golf” (hit when ready, even if you aren’t away) until you reach the green, be prepared to play when it’s your turn and never search for a lost ball for more than 5 minutes. Encourage everyone to move quickly enough so you are “keeping up with” the group in front of you.
  2. Keep your temper under control — We all have our moments of frustration, but the trick is to vent in an inoffensive way.  I often follow a bad hole by hitting the next tee shot a little harder — for better or worse.
  3.  Respect other people’s time — Always make your tee times and show up for your lesson with the pro a little early.  Social functions are no exception.
  4. Repair the ground you play on — Fix ball marks, replace divots and rake bunkers (make the area nice and smooth).
  5. Be a silent partner — Stand still from the time a player sets himself/herself until the ball has left the club.  Never walk in someone’s line of play.  The first thing to note when you walk onto a green is the location of every ball in your group, then steer clear of their lines to the hole.  For example, position yourself directly across or at a diagonal from a player setting up.  Never stand on the line of play, either beyond the hole or directly behind the ball.

–to be continued–



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