Wedgewood Happenings — 07.10.2017

Congratulations to the winners in the Wedgewood 1-Person 18-Hole Scramble held Saturday, July 8.   Champion Flight  winners were  Marty Stigall, 1st place; Ron Wallace, 2nd place and  Jordain Noirfalise, 3rd place.   A-Flight winners were Dustin Hunter, 1st place; Brad Clevenhagen, 2nd place and Kevin Osborn, 3rd place.   B-Flight — Shelby Gray, 1st place; John Cook, 2nd place and Ryan Potts, 3rd place.  C-Flight — Kevin Clark, 1st place; Danny Landsdown, 2nd place and Steve Hawkins, 3rd place.  D-Flight — Adam Howe, 1st place; Michelle McDaniel, 2nd place and Jona Hull, 3rd place.   A big thank you to our tournament helpers:  Kevin Clary, John Cook, Brian Fleetwood, Adam Howe, Jody Jarrett, Trent Jones, Ted Noirfalsie, Freda Proctor and Gale Wright.

The $1000 cash shoot out winners were Jordain Noirfalise, 1st place; John Daniels, 2nd place and Jordan Slayton, 3rd place.  Thank you to our Cash Shoot Out sponsors — CHC Home Center, Cabool Lease Inc.,  Community First, Cabool Dairy Queen, Crowley’s Home Works, Landmark Bank,  Legacy Bank and Trust, Missouri Gun CO, LLC, Peoples Community Bank,  ReMax Farm and Home (Mike and Julie Thompson), River Rock Redi-Mix, Subway — Mtn Grove, Wher Ford and RV Mtn. Grove and WDT — Western Dairy Transport, LLC.

Wedgewood members helped John Cook, Charter Member, celebrate his WW golden birthday, June 26th (John will be moving up and playing from the gold tees).  John shared with attendees that charter members paid dues in 1968 but the course did not open until 69.  In the beginning, WW was a private club so only members and guests of members could participate.   John remembers there was lots of picking rocks; players carried buckets and picked rocks as they golfed.   Wedgewood’s peak membership was during the late 80’s  with 110-120 members.

Women’s League winners June 26th were Mary Auen and Mary Beth Kaps. Mary Beth also had CTP on hole 7.    June 28th Women’s League was a tie between the team of Margie and Melanie Cook and the team of Mary Auen, Mary Beth Kaps and Freda Proctor.  Margie had CTP on holes 5 and 7.

Men’s League June 27 CTP winners were Frank Proctor, hole 2;  Kenny Fleetwood, hole 5 and Dr. Steve Hawkins, hole 7.  Skin winners include Dennis Branstetter, hole 1; John Cook, hole 2; Trent Jones, hole 3 and Kenny Fleetwood, hole 4.   Congratulations to Kenny Fleetwood, 1st place and Trent Jones, 2nd place.

On a rainy 4th of July morning members trimmed trees and stacked brush to assist with mowing under the trees.  Kelly Lowe, new board member, mowed 5 1/2 hours on July 3rd and returned on the 4th to mow near the club house and assisted with tree trimming along with Jerry Dennis, Dustin Hunter and Ted Noirfalise.   We can’t thank these guys enough for all their help.

“The harder you work, the luckier you get.” Gary Player, Professional Golfer



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