Wedgewood Happenings — 04.03.2017

The Wedgewood Proshop opened Saturday, April 1st.  The proshop will be operated by members and volunteers and Gale Wright will lead the group.  Gale has proshop experience and recently moved to the area from Savannah, MO. Please stop by and say hello to the volunteers. The proshop schedule is being finalized and should be open every day except Mondays. If anyone is interested in volunteering in the proshop, please leave a message at 417.962.5374.  Snacks are available for purchase and Wedgewood accepts credit and debit payments for transactions.

Rainy and windy weather cancelled the CHS golf tournament Thursday, March 30.  The course is looking good and the new grass areas are greening. The flowering crabapples and redbuds are in bloom. Holes 2 and 5 have lots of wildflowers including wild violets and spring beauties. May apples are growing in the woods around the course which according to my mother means it is time for morel mushrooms. Cardinals and robins are plentiful at Wedgewood and during April other birds will arrive including wrens (which like to nest in the cart sheds), hummingbirds and baltimore orioles. Watch for large birds migrating through Missouri — ospreys and white pelicans.

A big thank you to the volunteers that assisted with the grounds and clubhouse cleanup on March 28th.  Mike Austin, Kevin Clary, Brian and Marcy Fleetwood, Steve Hawkins, Doug, Donna and Chase Jones, Jody Jarrett, Mary Beth Kaps, Jim Perry,  Frank and Freda Proctor, Jeremy Raney and Jim Reaves.   Also Mike “Sparky” Medwid assisted earlier in the week.

Wedgewood is offering new membership discounts and corporate memberships.  For additional information, call the proshop at 417.926.5374.   Children under 12 can play for free with an adult member or paid green fee player after 5 p.m.

Mark your calendar for the first Wedgewood tournament to be held Saturday, May 6th.  It is a one-person scramble and a $1000 shoot out game following the completion of the tournament.

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