Wedgewood Happenings — 10.17.2016

Saturday, October 22 will be the annual fall Wedgewood members meeting at 6:00 p.m. Activities include a putting contest, dinner, business meeting, election of board members and glo-golf game. 

Another beautiful week of fall golfing weather and the grounds continue to be green and pretty. I hope everyone can enjoy the course before the grass goes dormant and the leaves cover the ground. The nut trees at Wedgewood are loaded this year the walnuts are gigantic, the pecans are bountiful, acorns and hickory nuts but the most interesting is the chestnut tree on Hole 6. The fruit or meat of the chestnut is inside a prickly, spiny burr that splits open before or after falling from the tree. Inside this burr is a hard outer shell then an inner skin and next the fruit or meat — from the holiday song “chestnuts roasting on an open fire”.  Scott Elliott, Grounds Superintendent, estimates the chestnut tree to be around 30 years old.   Would any members like to share information about the wonderful, old trees at Wedgewood?  

The new member fall special includes full family membership through April 1st 2018.  Golf is an outdoor sport the whole family can enjoy.  For additional information, call the proshop at 926.5374.  Some leagues are continuing to play for fun but are starting evening play earlier due to the shorter days and the big game continues to play daily at 1:00 p.m. except Mondays. Come to Wedgewood and join the fun!  


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